Tarantula Technology (an SDVOSB Company)


What's the “next wave”?

The “next wave” is the explosion of Internet business services (IBS). IBS companies are characterized by three attributes:

1. Singularity of purpose (SoP)
2. Continuous product improvement (CPI)
3. Extreme customer service (XCS)

Fueled by downsizing, corporate layoffs, bored baby-boomers, an aging population, and the emerging global workforce.

Business services that must be performed but contribute nothing to the core business or bottom-line have forever been a thorn in the side of business growth and profitability—a necessary evil, so to speak. Prior to 2007 the cost and effort to outsource such business services was prohibitive.

But today things are different.

Companies that leverage this opportunity will be market leaders. Their strategic advantage over competitors will be enormous—low infrastructure costs, continuity of operations, abundant experts, unrivaled flexibility, transparent just-in-time growth and retraction and far more for those adopting our vision.

Get on board now. Find out how to surf and reap the benefits from the “next wave”.

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